4WD Modification – What to Avoid

Mistakes to Avoid When Modifying Your 4×4

The 4×4/4WD modifications and accessories industry is the biggest it’s ever been. In store and online, you can buy anything from a chassis extension to a battery charger. Whilst this is a great thing, it creates an opportunity for drivers to make expensive mistakes. Below are several common errors to avoid when upgrading or modifying your 4×4.

Not Knowing What You Want to Accomplish

There are different types of 4WD activities. Whilst some drivers like to go on muddy, rocky terrain, others are content to cruse the local beaches or tour the country. Modifying a 4WD involves compromises, and in some cases, you may have to sacrifice economy for off-road capability. When buying wheels online or cheap tyres Brisbane, it’s important to decide what you want from your 4×4 and make mods accordingly.

Not Having a Goal

When you’ve owned a 4×4 for a while, it’s quite easy to get carried away with modifications. Most of us are guilty of it, and at the same time, we underestimate what’s necessary to make the mods work. By consulting an expert before buying wheel and tyre packages or a new 4wd suspension, you’ll have an easier time setting realistic goals and staying within budget.

Failing to Consider the Legal Aspects

All Aussies have the duty to drive a compliant, safe 4×4. However, it’s surprising how many vehicles on the country’s roads aren’t street-legal. For instance, if a vehicle has tyres bigger than 50mm, the roof height has increased by more than 50mm via suspension, wheels, or body lift kits, Western Australian drivers will need an engineering certificate. What does this mean for you? In the simplest terms, driving a non-legal 4×4 is risky in many ways.

Considering Looks Over Practicality

While a 4×4 with mag wheels Brisbane may look cool, it’s not always practical. Big wheels and tyres use more petrol, have an increased centre of gravity, and may decrease handling. Though adding a bit of style is OK, it’s better to add mods and accessories with practicality in mind.

Not Doing Your Research

Thanks to the Internet, there’s a wealth of information on 4×4 products. Unless your planned modifications are out of the ordinary, you should have an easy time finding the info you need. Before purchasing Ford Ranger wheels and tyres, have you checked the wheels’ offset? Before adding a lift kit, have you checked your brake lines and made the necessary adjustments? If you don’t take time to do some research before modifying your 4×4, those mods may come back to haunt you in the end.

Not Accounting for the Weight

Another part of 4×4 upgrades that most people don’t consider is the weight involved which is important to take into consideration when buying Cheap Tyres. It’s impossible to add every accessory without ending up with an overloaded (and illegal) vehicle. Start by adding up your payload, and then add in everything on your vehicle that has heft to it. By staying under your payload, you’ll keep things from breaking and stay within the law.

Buying Low-Quality Gear

Australian society has become disposable; when a part breaks, we toss it and buy something new. However, in the 4×4 world, that’s not always the best tactic. If you find cheap 4X4 rims, compare them to a reputable brand in terms of quality. In some cases, the lower price arises from insufficient quality assurance. By doing your research, you will end up with gear you can count on.

In Closing

When you’re buying parts for your 4×4, it’s important to take your time. Research, deliberate, and compare prices and features as much as possible. In the end, your vehicle is built to serve your purposes, and it’s vital to set things up in a way that allows the vehicle to do that.